Goma Poudel

“ Here at Culp, there is always an opportunity…to grow. ”

Bringing People Together through a Positive Attitude

Goma Poudel
Lead Person
Stokesdale, N.C.

An immigrant and former refugee from Nepal, Goma Poudel came to the U.S. for a new beginning. Since joining Culp’s Stokesdale mattress cover plant (CLASS) three years ago, she has found a path of growth and fulfillment. “I am really, really happy to work at Culp,” she said.

Goma has given as much as she’s received, according to CLASS Production Manager Marion Blackwell and Human Resources Manager Terri Cummings. Through her excellent leadership, motivational and team-building skills, Goma has helped bridge cultural and language barriers in the multi-national plant where nationalities and ethnicities range from Burmese to Vietnamese to Hispanic to Korean to African American.

While helping to build an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork through a contagious positive attitude, she has advanced from Sewing Operator to Trainer to her current position of Lead Person. “Here at Culp, there is always an opportunity for continuous learning and training skills to help us grow and be better at our jobs.”

Goma is married and has a three-year-old daughter. “My job here has made life better for our family,” she said.