Culps Bold Vision

Every day, we strive to strengthen the quality of our connections, to unite our employees, partners, and communities in a shared purpose, to lead with integrity, and create a culture of people passionate about making a difference.


Executive Team June 2020


CONNECTED: Both in the past and today, our business depends on the quality of our connections to each other, customers, partners and communities. We will drive growth as we connect our products and customers across bedding, furniture and hospitality brands to identify exciting new business opportunities.

UNITED: Our bold aspirations for the future of Culp are framed by our shared values and vision and the challenges and triumphs of the past. We embrace the inclusive and global nature of our workforce and communities as a competitive strength. The shared desire to do “whatever it takes” to delight our customers unites us.

LEADERSHIP: Culp proudly carries the passion and spirit instilled by our founders Robert Culp Jr. and Rob Culp III, along with Howard Dunn and Frank Saxon. We are committed to carry on their leadership legacy by shaping a culture that is ethical, respectful and hardworking.

PEOPLE: Culp’s success begins and endures through our people. Together, we are building business momentum, identifying new opportunities and forging new frontiers. Challenges will always test us. But our tenacious determination to meet them and our ability to adapt will lead us to persevere and prosper.