Cindy Love

“ I feel valued here. It realy means something when your contributions are appreciated. ”


Cindy Love
Senior Designer
High Point, N.C.

What’s the favorite part of her job as a senior designer for Culp? “Everything!” said Cindy Love. “Whatever I am doing at the moment is what I enjoy the most,” she said. Cindy’s job is to guide the development process from “artwork to finished upholstery fabric.” That includes creating colorways and developing patterns for production that are saleable and address today’s home fashion trends.

Just as much as she enjoys the creative aspect of her job, she also enjoys the atmosphere. “When I walk in the door in the morning, my biggest concern is how to get the job done that day. I don’t have to worry about (office politics). We care about each other, and each of us receives incredible support from the company. I feel valued here. People are told, ‘You are an important part of what we do.’ “

Because of the supportive atmosphere, Cindy even feels a freedom to take creative risks without fear of being blamed if the result is unsuccessful. “Any criticism we receive is always constructive,” she said.

As a single mother of a 16 and 20-year-old, Cindy says her family life is enriched “because I work in an environment where the individual is supported. I come home happy. My positive attitude carries over to how my children approach their lives.”