Anthony Joyce

“ My (supervisor) mentored me … and really changed who I was for the better. ”

My Supervisor Helped Me Become a Better Person

Anthony Joyce
Knit Finishing Assistant Machine Operator
Stokesdale, N.C.

Anthony Joyce, an assistant machine operator at Culp Home Fashions, appreciates the good livelihood Culp has made possible for him and his wife.

But even more, he appreciates the life lessons he has learned here that have made him a better person.

“When I first started here at Culp, I was immature,” Anthony said. “But my (supervisor) took an interest in me and mentored me. He helped me look at the ‘big picture’ in life and showed me how important a positive attitude is, and the importance of thinking about the future in all of my decision-making. My supervisor helped change who I was for the better.”

Taking an interest in employees as people seems to be a common trait among leaders at Culp Home Fashions, Anthony said. “I thought it was just him. But then, my next supervisor was the same way. Everyone here really listens to you. They are there for you.”