Greta Russell

“ Each of us plays a vital part in our mission to take care of the customer. ”

Finding a Way to Deliver Outstanding service

Greta Russell
Customer Service Manager
High Point, N.C.

Culp’s customer service philosophy can be summed up simply: “If a customer has a problem, everyone has a problem.” That’s according to Greta Russell, the customer service manager for Culp Upholstery Fabrics.

“When a customer has a problem, everyone gets involved. Everyone jumps in to solve the problem,” she said. “I never feel alone when I am trying to solve a customer service issue. Even the top executives get involved.”

In seeking to take care of customers, ” ‘No’ is not in our vocabulary,” Greta added. “We find a way to consistently deliver outstanding service.”

A veteran of the customer service industry who has worked at several other furniture or furniture-related companies prior to coming to Culp three years ago, Greta said, “It is so refreshing to work in a place like Culp where there is a passion to serve our customers and where employees are treated so well.”